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10 things you probably don’t know about your dental hygienist

RDH Bites Podcast: Back to BASE-ic: pH in Patient Education

From Anxious to Able: Understanding and managing anxiety as a new clinician

Dental Product Shopper: Remin Pro

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Finding Peace: 4 ways to reduce dental hygiene career stress

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As a fun mini-article, this article was published in Dentistry IQ in 2017 and provides quick-tips on reducing career stress. 

Namaste In My Op

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Published in RDH Magazine's December 2017 edition, this article brings to light the stressors of working in clinical dental hygiene and offers opportunities to overcome them. This article was based on the CE program 'Namaste In My Op.'

The Analytical Mind vs. the Emotional Mind

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As a business-minded hygienist, what better opportunity than to tie in mindset work (a passion of mine) with entrepreneurship! DeW Life shared this article in winter 2017 to help understand the trials ad tribulations of an entrepreneurial mindset. 

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Your Dental Hygienist

Image by Michael Browning
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