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  • Understand the different types and physiological components of stress as well as effects on the oral cavity

  • Understand self-care methods to prevent career burnout

  • Learn to adapt practice approaches for the anxious patient

  • Utilize clinical technologies to provide a more comfortable patient experience and relieve provider stress

Program 1
Namaste In My Op​

A career in dentistry is STRESSFUL! Learn to achieve your personal & professional wellness full-circle as it starts with you, applies to the clinical setting, and changes the outcome and approach to patient care.


Delve into YOUR personal stress profile and learn tools to modify and adapt to it in this interactive, fun and relatable course.


Predict your patients and learn to avoid the stress they can bring upon you. Lastly, review the clinical tools and techniques that help manage the career stress of a dental professional.

(3 hours - two-parts upon request)
Handout to be completed prior to course. 

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  • Understand oral pH and its' range of effects on the oral cavity as well as the implementation of pH testing

  • Learn about Salivary buffer capacity and its important role alongside oral pH

  • Learn ow to recognize these conditions and individualize care for the patient to promote healthy pH, buffer capacity, and remineralization

Program 2
The Missing pHuzzle Piece​

Do you ever have the patient that appears with no calculus, or biofilm, but that bright, red irritated tissue? Or the patient that states they're doing everything correct at home, but always have dental issues and seem defeated? 

These patients are in our presence every single day, and while something just doesn't add up, it can be difficult to understand exactly what is happening, why it's happening, or how to address it. 

This course will evaluate these situations, share exactly what is occurring in the oral cavity and how to approach creating a change, which involves a paradigm shift from our traditional 'brush, floss, use fluoride' type of thinking. Are you ready to find the missing pHuzzle piece?

 (2-3 hours)

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  • Review the typical outline of a hygiene recare appointment and how long it has remained unchanged

  • Learn new technologies and protocols that will allow you to restructure the hygiene appointment  for better patient compliance and outcomes

  • Understand 'why' a clinical practice shift is necessary for advancing towards total systemic health 

Program 3
Prophy-cient Practice: Step into the new age of preventive care​

We all know well the typical outline of a hygiene recare appointment - radiographs, scaling, OHI, reappoint. 

BUT we also know there are many new practice methods that can completely change the outline of the hygiene appointment reflecting new and necessary technologies and treatment methodologies.


Take a step closer to proficient practice!  (2-3 hours)

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